UNAPOLOGETIC goes beyond movement, it is a way of being, it is a language we use, it is a boldness from within. #WeAre Unapologetic.

We created the brand as we felt, too often, people apologise for being themselves, for having an opinion, for expressing authentically. We see this in dance, we see this in identity, we see this in the way people communicate, we see universally. Unapologetic are making a stand to be proud of who #WeAre, as dancers, creatives, humans and voices, and we want the same feeling for you. 

We have created a series of dance classes, workshops, intensive and a mentor programme to challenge our expression. Through movement, language and 'our' being we aim to break down all the barriers that have consciously and unconsciously been limiting us. We create a space for everyone to discover that they have power to live their life fully self expressed, connected, and free.  To be unapologetically confident in every area of life.